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College Planning Center

Learn useful and comprehensive information about costly mistakes parents typically make by not planning properly for the enormous costs that come with their child attending college.

College Planning Center

We approach financial aid from the parents’ perspective, as we provide you with as much information as possible when preparing and paying for college.

Our workshops pick up where typical financial aid nights leave off. We don’t just explain how to file for financial aid, but we also explain how schools calculate aid packages including how much of a family’s assets and income are factored in.

We detail the rising costs of college, and we teach parents the financial aid process so they are better-informed and better-prepared.


“We approach financial aid from the parents’ perspective, as we seek to arm them with as much information as possible to make informed fiscal decisions when preparing for and paying for the often overwhelming cost of a college education.”

JOHN J. LENNON - Principal & Founder




“Opened my eyes to the variety of funding methods available. I don’t believe our daughter (1st in class at private HS) would have chosen a different school but the stress of funding would have been much higher.”

-Rob & Joanne R. (Harleysville)

“John has helped us begin to plan for our son’s educations. We trust John’s expertise, advice as well as that of his associate. We appreciate his cheerful personality and sense of humor that helps keep you from diving into a depression when you see the college cost figures.”

- Linda (West Chester)

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